About Us

tekology.co.uk was founded under the 4 pillars of Empowerment, People, Trust and Technology. We truly believe in Empowering People with Technology.

Our mission statement is to empower people by providing them with the most suitable, purpose fit, technological solutions relevant to the customer.

We put people first. Our mission is based all around making people’s lives easier, better and empowering people through technology.  Whether it be individuals or businesses, we want to establish exceptional meaningful relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

Trust is a huge element which has helped the birth of tekology.co.uk.  Through leveraging meaningful existing relationships with clients, suppliers and partners through trust, tekology.co.uk was able to hit the ground running and immediately have clients who wanted our services. Trust means that clients have full faith in us and our competencies to deliver what is truly the best option for the client and it means we feel really good at the end of a job well done.

We believe everyone should be Empowered by the right technology. Every person is different, so empowerment doesn’t always work just by giving someone the latest, most expensive, yet difficult to use technology, empowerment comes by providing the customer with the most suitable technology for their needs, and situation.

And finally, Technology, our bread and butter. We want to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition by learning and being capable of delivering the latest technology in the most user friendly manner possible.

Our Founders

John Gauci is a very early adopter of technology, from his early years (1983) mastering the BBC micro to building world class IT Services for small, medium and large sized enterprises, a career he has developed for over 30 years.

He is highly-experienced & confident as a Business & IT Leader, but is equally skilled in problem-solving and troubleshooting, able to gain a quick understanding of business issues and able to deliver IT solutions aligned to rapidly-evolving business needs.

A proven track record in transformational IT and business leadership, having worked with corporates in B2B, media, advertising, creative, marketing, communications and global market sectors.

John has a reputation for achieving ambitious objectives and constantly exceeds expectations. He enjoys engaging with stakeholders, optimising team performance, elevating programme performance and realising business benefits via use of Information Technology as well as maintaining a hands-on attitude and keeping in-touch with the latest Information Technology.

Paul Scicluna has been surrounded by technology all his life, having access to a 386 from the age of 3. He has always had a keen interest in technology, how they can be useful, yet heuristically simple and elegant by design.

He’s worked on many projects, both individually and as part of a matrixed team, implementing off-the-shelf and bespoke systems. Paul often goes to Technology Conferences and forums to stay up to date with technology and has a good grasp of the difference between an emerging technology and a one-off gimmick. Paul has also worked 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line IT and Application Support and has managed many teams both in project management and managing his own full time employees.

Registered Address: tekology.co.uk LTD, 2 Stamford Square, London, SW15 2BF

Offices: Greenford & Richmond