We offer a wide range of professional services from consultation to managing and organising your every IT need:

  • IT Operations Team management
  • Improved IT processes
  • Tailoring Best IT practices and frameworks
  • Outsourcing the IT function, –  gaining all the benefits of using a professional organisation to manage this for you without the burden of FTE costs, talk to us.
  • Office move taking care of all the IT logistics, talk to us.
  • PC Recycling – Offer partial money back on every machine we are able to successfully recycle
  • B2B short or longer term 1st / 2nd Line IT support, anything from triaging support calls to solving and escalating where necessary user issues or simply configuring computers, talk to us.
  • Installing new phone systems, IP and Cloud based
  • Wireless communications either in our out building, for example using microwave or laser communications between buildings, or internal wireless access points, talk to us.
  •  Office 365 Migration & Administration
  • Product Sourcing – IT Procurement team
  • Support hiring staff – We can assist with hiring the technology staff
  • IT Budget review with cost saving strategies
  • Audits including server room, site documentation, Device audits, security audits, Software audits, 
  • DR planning and documentation
  • Business Continuity planning and documentation
  • IT consultations
  • If you need Office 365 Training, Using OneDrive and collaboration, Teams, Forms and Flow, talk to us
  • Home User service Packages. 

Registered Address: tekology.co.uk LTD, 2 Stamford Square, London, SW15 2BF

Offices: Greenford & Richmond